Blackheath Chamber Music Festival

The logo was designed for the inaugural Blackheath Chamber Music Festival. The rhododendron flower is synonymous with Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. The five lines depict a musical stave and the stamen within the rhododendron are shown as musical notes.

Symmetree Arbor Care

Logo design for Symmetree Arbor Care. Logo seen on business cards and work utility decal.

Mid-mountains Garden Festival Logo

Design of various collateral, including: • logo • DL brochure • posters • highway banner

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 logo

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW launched a major campaign in May 2018, called Privacy Awareness Week 2018 (PAW). PAW is aimed at increasing awareness among NSW agencies of their obligations to protect personal information. The theme for 2018 was 'Privacy in the Digital Age' and the logo needed to incorporate the IPC logo.

House of Almaz logo

House of Almaz is a jewellery business, focusing on jewellery and watches. Almaz is the Arabic word for diamond.

Centre for Inclusive Design

Logo design for the Centre for Inclusive Design. They provide specialist expertise on the accessibility of mainstream technologies, by advancing accessibility and removing disability.

Culture for Wellness

Logo design for a health and well-being practitioner based in Sydney. Culture for Wellness​ will enhance your life by providing expert advice on your health and well-being.

Association of Massage Therapists

Update previous logo for the Association of Massage Therapist (AMT) to highlight modernism, clarity and readibility, in conjunction with AMT's 50th anniversary.

AMT - Celebrating 50 years

Created a logo to commemorate the year-long celebrations of AMT's 50th year in Australia. Logo used on AMT's journal banner, eNewsletter and printed collateral for AMT's conference in October 2016.

Greenwich Yoga

Design a logo for Greenwich Yoga. The logo is a freehand drawing of the 'boat pose'. This pose is used in Hatha yoga, which brings health benefits to the whole body such as fitness, increased energy and overall well-being.


IGNITE is an intensive 3-week course tailored specifically for young people (18-30yrs) looking for an introduction to documentary film and social change storytelling. It is run by Maitree House, who partner with non-government organisations (NGOs) across Asia to produce media for social change.

Gillie & Moko

Design of a logo for Gillie & Moko - fresh and classic straw hats for girls and women. Along with the logo being seen on the hat's labels and tags - it's also visible within Gillie & Moko's social media presence.

Seanchai Strategic Storytelling

Seanchai is the Irish word for a storyteller. Seanchai's goal is to create content that people connect with.

Datafone Communications

Datafone Communications is a provider of fixed line, mobile, data, hardware based telecommunications services and audio/visual products, focusing on small business to enterprise market.

AMT Conference 2011

The AMT Conference in 2011, explored how research can enrich massage therapist's clinical practice both literally and figuratively.

AMT Conference 2009

The 2009 AMT Conference explored the idea of being upwardly mobile, in viewing massage therapists as a professional community and in viewing their clients in the clinical context.

AMT Conference 2007

Physician heal thyself was the theme for AMT's conference in 2007. The program consisted of self care sessions for massage therapists. The logo was inspired by Picasso's 'Woman in a Chair'.

AMT Conference 2006

In 2006, AMT's conference encompassed an array of sessions about research the future of massage therapy, and everything else! AMT also celebrated their 40th year as an association.

NSW Dental Assistants (Prof) Assoc.

Design of logo to re-brand the NSW Dental Assistants (Professional) Association. They have since re-branded, with a change in association name.